Express 集成(Express Integration)

¥Express Integration

Pug 与流行的 Node.js Web 框架 Express 完全集成,作为受支持的视图引擎。查看 Express 优秀的 guide,了解如何将 Pug 与 Express 集成。

¥Pug fully integrates with Express, a popular Node.js web framework, as a supported view engine. Check out Express’s excellent guide for how to integrate Pug with Express.

生产默认值(Production Defaults)

¥Production Defaults

在 Express 中,环境变量 NODE_ENV 旨在告知 Web 应用执行环境:无论是在开发中还是在生产中。Express 和 Pug 会自动修改生产环境中一些选项的默认值,为用户提供更好的开箱即用体验。

¥In Express, the environmental variable NODE_ENV is designed to inform the web application of the execution environment: whether it is in development or in production. Express and Pug automatically modify the defaults of a few options in production environment, to provide a better out-of-the-box experience for users.

具体来说,当 process.env.NODE_ENV 设置为 'production',并且 Pug 与 Express 一起使用时,compileDebug 选项默认为 false,而 cache 选项默认为 true

¥Specifically, when process.env.NODE_ENV is set to 'production', and Pug is used with Express, the compileDebug option is false by default, while the cache option is true.

要覆盖 compileDebugcache 的默认值,你可以将 app.localsres.locals 对象中的相应属性设置为 truefalsecache 选项也可以通过 Express 的 app.disable/enable('view cache') 覆盖。

¥To override the defaults for compileDebug and cache, you can set the respective property in app.locals or res.locals objects to true or false. The cache option can also be overriden through Express’s app.disable/enable('view cache').

欲了解更多详情,请查看 Express 的 API 参考

¥For more details, check Express’s API reference.

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